q: who?

a: my name is marla. i am a photographer specializing in social media portraits. i am also the creator and owner of rebel howl printshop. 

q: what?

a: i photograph people. in a natural, cinematic and somewhat editorial style. it is my belief that the camera is kinder than we give it credit. i also, specialize in capturing and printing all of the photographs for sale on rebelhowlshop.com

q: where? 

a: i am based in toronto. but i have travelled all over the world taking photographs on various projects.

q: when? 

a: i have be shooting since 2006 but took it seriously in 2008, when i decided to attend school. i graduated from humber college, in 2010, with a diploma in creative photography. since graduating, i have been working freelance on various projects. and launching my own company rebel howl studios.

q: why? 

a: i love the stillness of photography. the quiet reflection that gazing at photographs allows. or perhaps "encourages" is a better word to use. i have always had a sweet tooth for nostalgia, and photography allows me to indulge in that vice.  

q: how?

a: "how?" like "how can people reach me to hire me??" lol. they should head over to the contact page on this website. lol lol. that was little plug for my business. but i don't think that was the "how" that was intended.

in regards to my portrait business, my work flow with a client is to capture them as they are. as natural as possible. being themselves. people are so beautiful when they are being themselves.  i am very good at making anyone in front of my lens feel comfortable. it is my talent. 

and in regards to my print shop, i use a wide variety of cameras to photograph all the prints you can buy on rebelhowlshop.com. i want to create cool, interesting, emotive photographs that people want to show off in their homes, offices, at their desks etc. all the photographs are a limited release. once a print-run sells out, that's it! it'll never get printed again. the photographs i create are for people who are collectors and want something original.